Ways I can help

If you’re an institution seeking to integrate games and play into your wider cultural activities, or to foster the kinds of active creativity and sociability that games and play promote, I can help. I advise on both electronic games and old-fashioned, face-to-face games; each has particular strengths and both should be part of most such strategies. [More information.]

If you’re a library, I can help. I have numerous services specifically tailored for libraries. I have an extensive library background and believe that the library, as the new village square, is a natural fit for many forms of games it has historically neglected. There are a ton of opportunities for libraries here! [More information.]

If you’re working in the playful arts – whether as a creator of playful experiences, another kind of artist interested in exploring or incorporating elements of play, a maker of games or toys, or a distributor of such playwares – I can help. I have spent years working on the issues that get in the way of libraries bringing games properly into their collections, and I would love to help overcome them from the supply side. And if you need an intelligent, engaged, creative writer and designer to help with a game project, I can help there too. With multiple titles for top-tier publishers under my belt, I can bring originality, vibrancy, surprise, beauty, mindfulness and excitement to your project. [More information.]

If you’re looking to get in touch with geek culture and reach out to the kinds of smart, imaginative people who are everywhere in the sciences and popular arts, I can help. Whether you’re a business looking to understand this demographic or a municipality hoping to attract knowledge workers, I can advise on what kinds of programs and opportunities will speak to geeks. [More information.]

If you’re looking for a teambuilding exercise for any group of people that goes beyond just imparting some collective warm-and-fuzzy feelings and, while still being fun, actually encourages people to think about the ways that they relate to each other, share information, and collaborate, I can help. I can offer a range of games experiences that will simultaneously create positive shared experiences and get people talking about chains of communication, workflow systems, and how to do what they do more efficiently and with a better awareness of their role within the whole. I am also able to consult directly on these questions.

If there’s some other way that you can use a smart, articulate person with both a solid knowledge of the incredibly broad spectrum of games and play, and a sharp mind for the bigger picture, I can help. Just let me know how!

To contact me, you can email me (pm [@t] philipminchin.com), or you can use the form below.


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