Starting Points

Looking for somewhere to start getting a handle on the role of games and play? Not sure what all the fuss is about – or looking for ways to make the case to administrators? Here are a couple of series I wrote on the topics, outlining the major points that we so often overlook about play and games.

Games – First written for the International Games Day @ your library blog, this series covers the ways in which games matter through a moderately library-centric lens. Despite that focus, the points I’m making about their often overlooked but important place in the wider culture are still entirely valid outside that context.

Play – Original to this blog, but – in a pleasing piece of symmetry – reposted on the IGD@yl blog for 2014, this series broadens the conversation to the importance of play as a fundamental part of the human experience. An integral part of our development both physically and mentally, research is increasingly showing that it continues to be important for peak function and health throughout our lives.


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