This is the Information Age.

We live in a Knowledge Economy.

These and any number of other Capitalised Clichés are driving home the inarguable fact that intelligence, specialised learning, creativity, problem-solving skills and tenacious motivation are at a tremendous competitive advantage right now – even more than they always have been – and are therefore at a tremendous premium.

Those qualities are the hallmark of the geek, so it’s no wonder that businesses and even whole municipalities are competing to attract these kinds of employees, customers, and/or residents. Businesses who can successfully attract and motivate geeks will not only generate better ideas than the competition, they will stand a better chance of actually making them work. Municipalities that can attract geek residents will attract the kinds of high-value-add businesses that need – and can afford – geek workers.

If you want to do more to attract these kinds of people to your business – or your city – I can help. Whether it’s structuring motivational programs, running social events and activities geeks will enjoy, developing cultural strategies, or organising festivals of play, I can help you get the edge in gathering geeks and keeping them around, by holding their interest in what you have to offer.

Contact me here to start.


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