Purveyors of play

My varied skillset can help folks throughout the games and play (and wider creative) sectors:


If you’re a designer or promoter of playful experiences, I am a constructive, creative collaborator and playtester. In addition, I am very interested in helping you get your work into cultural institutions, particularly libraries, and through them out to the public. Be in touch!

Other artists

If you’re an author, filmmaker, visual artist, performer, or creative of any other stripe interested in using the power of games and play in your work, I am only too happy to advise. Games are a largely-ignored (and undervalued) medium which have nonetheless stubbornly been part of human culture wherever and whenever it’s existed; play is an essential part of both the creative and the exploratory, experimental instincts that artists and audiences both need to bring to art in varying degrees. As part of exploring play’s role in culture, I have developed expertise on the different strengths and weaknesses of different media and modes of engagement: I can both show you elements of games and aspects of play you might never have suspected exist, and help you weave them into your work, to bolster – and/or complicate – its messages and effects. If that sounds exciting, you can find me here.

Creators of games and toys

If you’re designing or developing games or toys, whether electronic or tabletop, I can help you improve your creations – or contribute directly to their creation.

In particular, I am a published game designer and writer (for, among others, Paizo Publishing and Kobold Press’s Open Design imprint, as well as a free cartomancy system and supplementary fiction for Green Ronin’s Freeport setting), and an experienced editor across a range of formats.

I can also advise you on approaching the library sector – whether to sell your product directly, to promote programs and events in the library, or for other purposes. Libraries are starting to wake up to the importance of games and play – that means opportunity for intelligent, creative game creators similar to what they have always fostered for intelligent, creative authors! Contact me if that sounds interesting.

Retailers and distributors of playwares

Whether you’re a retailer wanting to improve your pitch to libraries, a distributor hoping to position yourself as a vendor as the market for games grows in the sector, or a friendly local game shop looking to collaborate with your local library on events and community-building, I can help you develop sustainable ongoing relationships with library bodies. Start the conversation here.


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