Play to learn in 2015/16

We know that learning is a key part of play, and libraries are a lifelong playground for the brain.

Naturally, the same goes the other way: play is central to both learning and culture. Yet libraries still struggle to support the recent renaissance of play, whether in our collections, our programs and activities, or our systems.

This financial year, as always, there are a lot of priorities to juggle. But games and play are only getting more important – and what’s the point of juggling if there’s no fun involved? So start thinking now about how you can best include forms of culture that are:

  • older than the written word and at the cutting edge of psychology, technology, and design;
  • perennially popular and ever more important in high culture, pop culture, and the economics of culture;
  • acknowledged as having “a rightful place in the libraryand woefully underrepresented in our collections, programs, facilities and spaces;
  • and – like libraries – fundamentally about sharing and learning.

There’s plenty to learn, and abundant opportunities to explore – which means it’s time for libraries to play, so we can support our patrons’ play.

Whether you want staff training, strategic advice, public events and activities, bundle deals and special low library prices for games, a pioneering e-lending platform for Windows & Android videogames, or more – I can help!

Explore my site using the links above, or contact me to find out more.


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