Tabletop games bundle (with bonus training discount)

This varied bundle of popular, interesting, and above all fun card and board games serves as a solid starting point for a tabletop games collection, or a great way to top up or update an existing one.

The bundle will consist by default of the following games.

(For a quick introduction to each of the games, why they are included and how you might use them, you can read the free Guide to the games bundle that I have written for buyers.)

Apples to Apples $40
Balderdash $50
Blokus $60
Carcassonne $60
Catan: The Settlers $80
Citadels $50
Cranium $45
Dixit $60
Dominion $72
Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide* $60
Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual* $60
Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook* $60
Escape: The Curse of the Temple $105
Fiasco (story game) $60
Hanabi $18
Hive Mind $52
Pandemic $65
Pandemic: On The Brink $56
Qwirkle $45
RoboRally $60
Werewolf Free – folk game
6 bundles of polyhedral dice, various sizes $42
  + Training discount (per bundle) $100

^ These prices may need to be revised slightly – I’m currently sourcing a new supplier for some games.

I recommend one of these bundles for each library location planning to host tabletop games, plus (if you can afford it) one additional floating bundle for use in programs.

You can read more about the training program here.

And don’t forget, if you are only looking for particular games (whether or not they are part of this bundle), I can help you source them for less than retail! Contact me to find out more.

As an additional service, I can go through and pre-assemble the games (other than the roleplaying games, which are in book form and should fit into your existing processes) to make them shelf-ready and provide documentation for staff to use in managing and recommending them. Contact me to find out more about what this entails and what it costs.

Please note that the tabletop game market, like the book market, can be volatile and titles may be unavailable from time to time. The games selected here are well-known and popular, so supply should be more stable, but occasionally a title may be delayed slightly – or may need to be substituted and the bundle cost adjusted accordingly. If the latter occurs, I will ensure that both the variety and the price (including the savings to you) remain comparable.


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