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What is this?

As someone who is taking a lead in getting games into libraries, schools, museums etc, I am starting to get queries from those cultural/educational institutions about whether I know game designers, coders, etc., who can run workshops, do author-talk-style dev talks, and so on.

Until now I’ve just used my existing contacts, but those are necessarily Melbourne-centric and limited. So I’m opening it up to a wider group.

As a game creator, your motives for doing this might include:

  • Reach – it’s a way to talk to new audiences about your game.
  • Audience development – it’s a way to increase the appreciation and understanding of your game and your craft.
  • Education – if you create games with a purpose, this might be a chance to achieve that purpose.
  • Altruism – some of the opportunities I get asked about are for disadvantaged young people who might not consider game dev as a viable path out of their situation.
  • Mentoring – helping inspire and educate the next generation of creators.
  • Income – some of the opportunities I get asked to source speakers for are paid gigs.

My motive in doing this, as with all the work on this site, is to support games as the vitally important cultural form that they are. My intention right now is that this will be a free clearinghouse service – I’ll get the queries and I’ll send them out to an email list of folks who are nearby and interested in whatever kind of work is on offer. If anything changes in that arrangement, for instance because it starts taking more time than I can afford to spare from work+family+wellbeing, I will of course let you know what I plan to do and give you the option to unsubscribe.

If this all sounds good, sign up below!

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